Flower Archway

Using my left over flowers from the week and other bits from the workshop, I thought I would create a minimalist flower arch design.

The flowers are not typically what I would choose, but I don't like things to go to waste.

It is also important that I show you how I can make it eco friendly with NO floral foam!


So here I am in my front garden, securing the fine metal arch structure into the ground so it cannot blow over.


using chicken wire I secure the moss in place. This is where you might think of using floral foam.

Not many people realise that this widely used foam is really bad for the environment.

It is a degradable plastic (eventually will break down to dust) but NOT biodegradable (completely break down to its natural form).

the foam contains toxic elements, including formaldehyde, barium sulphates and carbon black. These elements are carcinogenic, and prolonged exposure may cause cancer. Florists who come into repeated contact with are at high risk of being effected.

Moss is a natural way of providing moisture when soaked in water and structure when shaped using wire.

once you have designed your arch you can decide the best places to secure your moss.

I have kept the moss thin and just on the front arch but to create a fuller arch just apply more moss or wire moss to more of the frame.

Belinda the basset hound.

Belinda the basset hound.

Now to create shape!

I have used this bendy willow, I ;love the rustic feel it brings and a minimalist feel while creating its own shapes, plus I am always inspired by the surroundings in which I live, and there are a few willow trees around here and along the river.

For a fuller more green lush look, you could add foraged branches with leaves to create shape or tree ivy for example, wedding arches would look fabulous covered in eucalyptus.

I have popped a bucket at the bottom containing chicken wire and water to give the design a point in which to grow from.


here I am adding some rosemary and thyme from the garden, wax flower I love and lots together looks beautiful and delicate and kept to a minimum its long stalks create shape with the prettiest little blooms at each end.

I have added some Ammi. Again I really love the way its stems bend and twist with the tiniest clouds of white at the top.

I have added Ornithogalum or star of Bethlehem, lovely long stem with pretty star shaped flowers and I find they last really well too.

For a fuller look, just keep adding your own choice of flowers!


now for some larger focal flowers. I have tulips left over and again the shapes they bend them selves into are perfect for my minimal arch.

This is where you would perhaps choose roses, ranunculus, dahlia etc.

I am going to add white and dark pink tulips as they tie in with the colours of the wax flower.


I have popped a selection of the flowers in the bucket and tied some natural hand died muslin for an added texture.

You might not want any material but I love how it catches in the wind!

pepper and nutmeg having a nosey!

pepper and nutmeg having a nosey!

Nutmeg the cockerel

Nutmeg the cockerel

I hope this has been informative, I really want to try and get the message across about all of us trying much harder to be eco conscious with our creativity and also to provide alternative designs for you to consider and to feel confident enough to try and create something different.

It has taken me years to feel confident enough to post my creations as there are so many talented creatives out there, but this is my way of life now and understanding you cannot please everyone is just one of the many obstacles I have had to overcome on my floral journey.